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About me!!!! (and a freebie)

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Recently I was on the Kjoi studios forum and I read about their blogging challenge! Sounds like fun so I´m joining in, I had actually just made a LO of myself for sugarplumpaperies challenge on her blog, I used the kit flirty skirty I was RAK-ed with, also there are some elements from Flergs (pin, bracket and leaves). So what´s there to tell about me? I just turned 30 this year. I´m Dutch but have been living in Brazil for the past 7 years, I have been married for 5 years with the love of my life, his name is Jander and he´s from the northeast of brazil. Close to a city called Belo Horizonte (see map), that´s also where we met, when I came working as a volunteer in a shelter for HIV-Aids children wheer he was working as staff. We got married 3,5 years after met for the first time!
This picture is of our wedding in brazil, 4 months later we had another weddingparty, this time in Holland!!!!!

We now live in the northeast of Brazil, in a city called aquiraz, about 30 kms of the state capital fortaleza, famous for its tourism, beaches and unfrotunately also for its sex-tourism.
The house where we met was ashleter of a mission organisation called Youth with a Mission, and were still working for the same mission. My husband is working on a farm with kids who used te be living on the streets, also he does streetwork weekly and evangelism in youthprisons. (Their blog:

I have started up a ministry for pregnant teenagers, we´re doing preventionprograms in poor areas, work with teenmoms, and currently we´re also doing streetwork, on a square where there are a lot of streetgirls/prostitutes. We really want to buy a house to be able to take better care of these girls, but there´s no money for it. You can read more on our ministry blog: (

We have a 2 year old boy, he is adopted, and we got to bring him home when he was only 2 days old, he is a real joy to us!!! And a great source for photo´s to scrap!!!!! But you´ll have to look at my other posts for some LO´s about him!! There´s enough. So here´s my LO about me:
What else is there to say, I´ve always been a creative person, I already made scrapbooks of my photo´s before I even knew there was actually a hobby called scrapbooking (scrapbooking was only known in holland years after it started in the states). But besides scrapbooking I´ve done it all, making candles, making soap, crochet, fimo, jewelry, making cards, sewing, you name it I´ve done it!!!! Especially love making things out of inexpensive things, my hybrid albums have no ofiicial scrapbooking thingies as they´re too expensive for me!!! (As missionaries we live on offering, we don´t have a salary...) Well, I guess that´s enough about me, wanna know more?? Ask me, or visit our personal blog which is over here:

You´ve made it to the end, (just assuming you didn´t just scroll donw till the freebie heehee!!!) Here´s your freebie:

Download here

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Scrapping Mom of 5 on June 23, 2008 at 9:01 PM said...

Mel thanks for sharing your story. It is very beautiful. My prayers go to you and your ministry. My oldest has applied to work with refugees in Kenya with MCC. He is really hoping to get the position.

Anonymous said...

Wat een mooi verhaal. Keep up the good work in Brasil!

mahalo a nui loa on June 24, 2008 at 2:28 PM said...

What a wonderful couple you are with such big hearts. Thanks for sharing your story, and your digi work!

HalreyGirl said...

Yes thanks so much for sharing what you do in life. The world needs so many others like you. Your little boy is adorable. Thank you also for the freebies.

Susan said...

What a wonderful ministry you have in Brazil. God Bless!

kaffp said...

Thank you for telling us about your family & your ministry & thank you for the freebies - what a great idea to make leaves. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading about your life and ministry. I'm just starting digital scrapbooking and so I've been looking for free materials to try things out before purchasing a bunch (have a lot of traditional stuff already!). What I never expected was getting to hear so many wonderful stories and "meet" such interesting people. I'm American and have 2 adopted international kids along with 3 birth kids. I will pray for you!

Brigitte aka Scrappassie on June 25, 2008 at 10:34 AM said...

Initially I came to your blog for the awesome ABC Kit addon, but read your story with interest ! Great great work you're doing, thanks for sharing this with us.
I love the build-a-flower addon, thank you for sharing, and you might want to check your mail for a little something :-)
Groetjes uit Nederland !

Sharon-shutterbug said...

Thanks for the great freebie, and God bless you in your wonderful ministry!

Emmy said...

I think your ministry is amazing. Serving others is what this life is about! Thanks for the freebie

Emmy said...

I think your ministry is amazing. Serving others is what this life is about! Thanks for the freebie

Emmy said...

I think your ministry work is amazing! This life is to serve others and teach them about Jesus Christ. Thanks for the freebie.

Julie P. aka babyofmine on June 25, 2008 at 3:07 PM said...

So glad to "meet" you! :)
Thank you for all the wonderful gifties! :)

Dawn said...

It was really neat to learn about you and your family and your ministry! What a great thing you are doing for those girls.

Thanks for the leaves; they are lovely!

Mijn oase design on June 30, 2008 at 10:40 AM said...

Hoi, leuk dat je terugmailde!
Leuk om zo een kijkje in je leven te nemen. Ik wens je alle zegen,liefde en goeds toe in alles wat je doet!

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