Saturday, December 29, 2007

Some LO´s to share

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Okay, just wanted to share some LO´s I´ve been doing this week.....

We went to the centre of Fortaleza to do some Christmas shopping, and took some pictures with the beautiful decorations there. The huge tree is made out of hammocks, very creative!
- Kit: (Quickpage, ribbon, Alpha)Tis the Season from
- Template #4
- Krafty Stars by
- Font: Old English Text MT

Pictures of the decorations in the shoppingmall, unfortunately the pictures did not turn our that well….

- Quickpage: whimsical wonderland collab kit
- Alpha: whimsical wonderland collab kit & Ellie Lash
- Santa and presents, tag: whimsical wonderland collab kit by franziska
- Font: freestyle font

- Quickpage, green paper and cork star: whimsical wonderland collab kit
- Tree & paper frame whimsical wonderland collab kit by franziska
- - Font: freestyle font
Quickpage: Deacon´s Closet freebi sampler:
Font: Lucida handwriting and Earwig from
Journaling reads:
You are a precious gift, a bright blessing from God,
a masterpiece fresh from the wheel of the Master Potter.
With joy we celebrate you,
with confidence we entrust you into God’s constant loving care,
and with faith we cling to God’s wise and wonderful plan for one and only you.
Children are a gift from God. PSALM 127:3 TLB

When we were in Belo Horizonte, we met our friends Miia from Finland, and Nury from Uruguay. Both of them had a baby this year, so Efraim had 2 little friends to play with, and because he´s the oldest he thought he´d boss everyone around, stealing toys etc.
- Template: by smplgrl, for 2d half of template challenge at
- Kit: Celebrate from
- Star: from http://flergsblog.blogspot .com
- Journaling Block: My favouirite Boy by
- Tags: Beach Houseimpressions by tabrizia / Franziska Altmann:
- Fonts: Earwig Factory from and Lucida Handwriting

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Last 2 pages of Animal Farm BragBook

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Here it finally is, it was finished wednesday, but I just couldn´t get it uploaded. I´m not sure if it´s my internetconnection , or 4 shared itself, I wanted to post this before the weekend, for some last minute-christmas scrapping pleasure!!!!! I got so frustrated, yesterday when I went to sleep I gave it a last chance, my husband would turn off the computer later, and to my delight this morning it was uploaded. It´s not even 7 am here, as my beloved son decided to wake up at 6, we´ll leave in a bit though to do some christmas shopping........ Also I managed to get my calender ready, I´ll try to get it printed and binded today!!!!

frame and paper toutsimplement by
Stars border: Twinkle Toes by Miss Mint

Whimsical Wonderland Colab Kit:
heart, star, santa, tree, ribbons, presents by franziska:
paper, frame stars by
paper behind wordart by

Flower: tagsale by
Papers Kit Frosted by Michelle Coleman from, downloaded from
And here they are, the last 2 pages of the bragbook.

Download here (I´m not sure what happened but there seemed to be a problem with the download, I´m guessing it´s 4shared problem, as I did not chaneg anything, but I updated the link, trid it and it seems to be working again, if any problem, please let me know!!!!)

Monday, December 24, 2007

X-mas message

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Take a look at our Christmas message on our personal blog:

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Creative Christmas Ideas and calender

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Doesn´t this wreath look so nice???? I saw it in the two-peas-in-a-bucket newsletter today and I just love it, I have a collection of grocery bags here (as here in Brazil they don´t seem to know regular shopping bags, and they look to you us as if we´re crazy when we bring our huge Dutch shopping bags to the supermarket!), so I´m definitely going to make one myself today!!!! You can find the instructions here

So I wanted to back up my downloads, and found out that I had about 13 giga, not even counting my kits of cen´s stuff and the commercial and freebie-designing stuff!!!!!! So I decided to do a big clean up, as when I started DS, I downloaded everything I saw, now I know more what style I like. So I threw out a total of 4 giga!!!!!! I have one DVD now full of only papers (4,5 GB)!!!!! I just couldn´t believe it!!!!!

Also wanted to share 3 more calender pages I made yesterdaynight

Template: Simply Sarah Designs
Kit used: Miss Mint Twinkle Toes

Template: Simply Sarah Designs

Template: Simply Sarah Designs
Kit used: Shabby Princess Vintage Florals and Festival

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Bragbook page 1-8 now in .png and .zip( I was so stupid)

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I am so stupid, I just found out that I uploaded my bragbookpages as .psp files instead of .png!!!???? Can´t believ it, I found out as I made page 8 today and found it weird that the .rar was only 2000 something kb, while the others were over 6 or 7.00. Anyway, I decided to put the pages 1-8 that I made all in one file, this time a .zip file, hope that is okay with you. If anyone
has any trouble, or finds an other mistake, or prefers .rar please please please let me know!!!!!!!!!! I´m taking down the other download links and will refer to this post.... Page 9 and 10 will be posted soon as well!!!!!

Animal Farm Bragbook page 1-8 in .png and as a ZIP

Download here

Friday, December 14, 2007

Freebie Animal Farm Bragbookpage part 5 of 10!!!!

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I am always late for the scraplift challenge at digitalfreebies, also today I made it last minute, and since it had a lot of pictures (why didn´t I choose a simpler one??!!) my computer got annoyingly slow....... but Jody´s comment on yesterday´s post really made my day, so I decided to post right away another page, and I´ll do my best to get all 10 pages up in time for Christmas presents!!!!!

We had such a great day in the country of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Visiting my husbands familt, we encountered a totally diferent reality. The pictures show the house, inside and outside, the carriage, the plants, my husband with the pots and pans that were shiny as a mirror, and my mother in law who was having the day of her life!!!
1. Pamlefors Designs for French Provincial paper and elements:
2. Lori Barnhurst for grouped frame (I duplicated it, mirrored it and ajusted it a bit)
3. Alpha Island of Misfit Toys by
4. I scraplifted ´Walk´ by Flower2416:
5. Font: Lucida Handwriting

This file has been removed but you can still download this page, look here

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Freebie Animal Farm Bragbookpage part 4 of 10!!!!

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It´s about time for another blog message, I just got a message from Jody saying she missed me, I felt so loved, couldn´t believe somebody would be waiting for me to post another message and freebie, so I decided to post right away! I started working on the calender again, the end of the year is close and I´m not sure if I´ll make it to finish it up, we are having guests this week so less time to spend on the computer........But here are september and november:

3.cord: Akiloune
4.Feet: tatum´s day

2.papers, fastener, ribbons: danielle corbitt, star studded designs:
3. journalingtab: whimsical wonderland collab kit
4. felt flower and leaves:

This file has been removed but you can still get this page, just go here

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Freebie Part3 of 10 and Flutter Fairies bragbook!!!!

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I made 4 bragbookpages for my friend who has beautiful kids as you can see! My friend send me the pics and I just had to csrap them, so I decided to make a bragbook out of it. I used Cen´s Stuff newest kit: flutter fairies element pack which you can find here and flutter fairies paperpack here. All of the font are from The alpha in the first LO is from flergs (she has great stuff!) part of the whimsical wonderland collab kit available for download ´till Dec. 16th here. Scroll down for the freebie!

So here´s the 3d page I´m sharing! Don´t forget to leave some comments, I love to read it. (Even though I am really bad at that myself....)

This link has been removed, but you can still download this page for free, just go here

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Freebie Animal Farm Bragbookpage part 2 of 10!!!!

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Just sharing some more LO´s, I wanted to finish making pages of our trip to Belo Horizonte, so I decided to use the quickpages I received as a bonus for participating in a challenge at digitalfreebies. The rest wil probably have to wait, I still need to make at least one LO for June for the CT, and I need to finish my Simply Sarah calender as well............ The first LO is my own creation, for the scraplift challenge. Just read the whole message to find the freebies in the end!
Visiting my husbands aunt, we had a great time, by husband and his cousin spent a lot of time listening to music and creating a CD. Don´t they look alike?

1. Scraplift: Melody´s Human Spirit
2. papers & flowers: You are beautiful by Verena Karoly,
3. Stitching: Asian Dreams
4. Leaves: kb bloomyleaves
7. Alpha: Type Keys Silver
8. Font: Lucida Calligraphy

My mother-in-law was so happy to finally get to know her grandson. Both of them love watching tv, so that´s what they did together!

1. Eva Kipler Dearest quickpage: posting bonus for November template challenge at
2. Alpha: flergs Silver alpha part of whimsical wonderland collab kit:
3. Font: Lucida Calligraphy

When we went to Belo Horizonte, my son also got to know his grandad from his father´s side, and my husbands half-sister and brother.

1. Eva Kipler Dearest quickpage: posting bonus for November template challenge at
2. Alpha: flergs Silver alpha part of whimsical wonderland collab kit: (available ´till december 16!!!!)
3. Font: Lucida Calligraphy

So finally here it is the second page of the animal farm bragbook:

This link has been removed, but if you still want this for free, just go here

Monday, December 3, 2007

Freebie Animal Farm Bragbookpage part 1 of 10!!!!

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This card I made for Maria´s weekly Challenge, we had to make a Thank You card, I used the kit for the monthly doodle challenge, so again, 2 challenges in one, but at (The card shows my husband and my son)

1. Monthly Doodle Challenge Kit by Danielle Egebretson at

2. Card template by Di Hickman:

3. font:harrison from

These picture were taken in the house where we stayed on our trip to Belo Horizonte, our friend leads a house for pregnant streetgirls, the stay in this home and get help during the pregnancy and rasing their baby. These pictures show her palying with the 3 babies. This one was made for the friday freebie challenge at
1. Papers, flowers, brads, wordstrips: Play Learn grow by Karen Lewis at

2. Alpha: fridayfreebie On Cupid add-on by Danielle Engebretson at www.digitalfreebies.com3. Duckie Sunday´s Best Royal Friends: MyDigiStyle at Site: Blog:

4. I used a template but can´t find the name of the designer anymore, if anyone recognizes it....

On our trip to Belo Horizonte we were spoilt by my husbands aunt, or as we say here ´tia´. She prepared us a wonderful lunch! This one was also in the scrapliftchallenge at

1. Kit: You are Beautiful by Verena Karolyi

2. Template: Andrea Gold#140

3. Font: Lucida Calligraphy

Ruslam is my husbands cousin, they really look alike! He fell in love with Efraim at first time, in one day they became the biggest friends!!!

1. Kit (including Alpha): Thankfull Heart by Little Dreamer Designs:

2. Doodle Vintage Dream Retro also by Little Dreamer Designs. (I applied some leather texture from scrap n tag to give it it nicer look, available at

3. Ribbon: At the Cape by Candesigns at

4. template by smplgrl for template challenge frist half of november at www.retrodiva.net5. Font: Lucida Callligraphy

So now let´s get to the freebie!!!!! June from Cen´s stuff makes some great stuff, and lots of freebies. The first freebie I downloaded was Animal Farm, a complete kit (loaded!!!), every day she shared a part (it´s still available, just look on her blog I think it was from August: ). I was just beginning with digital scrapbooking and immediately fell in love with her stuff as it was a bit diferent than the rest I´d seen so far. I made a LO, send it to her and I felt very loved by her sweet and enthusiastic comments, all of this led to me being part of her CT now!!!!!!! So I wanted to give you something for Christmas, I´ll be sharing some bragbookpages made with the same kit (I´ve used some elements of other freebies, and some PSP shapes and tubes). So come back, collect all the pages and you can make your own album to give away as a present for christmas, how about that? I´ll be giving away 10 pages, I´ve already made 7 so far...... be sure to come back and don´t forget to leave some love!!!!!!!

Link has been removed, but you can still get this for free, just go to this post

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Back again with 3 LO´s

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Hello!!!! I´m back again after a busy week of travelling, we drove over 600 kms. in 6 days with a 17 month old!!!!! That was certainly well worth a lot of pictures!!!!!!! I have so many pictures to scrap I´ll have to use some multi-photo templates!!!!!! Last week I was the chosen one to be scraplifted at and everybody did such a great job!!! I love that challenge! I finished 3 LO´s for 3 template challenges and the friday freebie challenge (I like to combine some challenges to make it more challenging!!!!!) I discovered some great challenges with great prizes at, many people of digitalfreebies over there as well ofcourse!!! So here they are:

These pictures show his grandmother of 82 years old who still washes clothes by hand, cleans the floor on her knees and also takes care of her granddaughter of 16, my husbands cousin. She was so happy to see us and meet her great-grandchild, and we were very grateful for this oportunity!

Made for the second half of the Double trouble Sketch challenge at digitalfreebies
· Kit: Thankful Heart, kit for newsletter subscribers of
· Template by Eva Kipler for the second half of the November Template challenge at
· Font: Lucida Calligraphy

Also we visited some of his aunts and cousins together with his mom. they hadn´t seen each other in 6 years, they literraly live in the middel of nowhere, surrounded by mountains, their life is reflected on their faces, they immediately feel in love with our son (who wouldn´t??), and we were impressed by the hard working people that they are.

Made for the first half of the Double trouble Sketch challenge at digitalfreebies
· Kit: Harvest spice by Shabby Princess at
· Summerpicnic Alpha by Retrodiva,
· Template by Eva Kipler for the first half of template Challenge of November w /
· Font: Lucida Calligraphy
This picture we took with friends, we hadn´t seen her for years, and hadn´t even met her husband yet, they were celebrating his birthday in a great Chinese restaurant.

Made for the templatechallenge of the second half of November at Retrodiva, and for the fridayfreebie challenge at digitalfreebies
· Template by Connie B part of the challenge for the second half of November at
· Kit: Melanie Chenoweth´s Chocoberry Cream Friday Freebie and the read paper was part of a bonus of the same kit for participating in Maria´s weekly challenge at
· Stitching: Liz Hutchison of Sweet Digi Scraps´ “ What Boys are made of” at
· Diamond Swirls Ruby by Flergs:
· Font: rickles and hawaiian killer from

Friday, November 9, 2007

Another LO and freebie

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This LO I did for this week´s scraplift Challenge, and also for Maria´s Weekly Challenge, both at

Journaling reads: Impact Juazerio Do Norte, October 2007. A great opportunity to meet old friends again, and to make new ones!

Paper: Julaender grungy paper:
Glitter Doodle: Raspberry Road Designs Moving Days:
Journaling: Tout simplement by Petit Moineaux:
Pin: Vintage Florals by Shabby Princess:
Frames: Grunged Frames 4 By Lindsay Jane Designs :
Font: Harrison from

And ofcourse it´s about time for another freebie!!!!!! I made this quickpage with a freebie that was available on June´s blog this week: Winter Whispers, I liked it so much, but no snow for me here on this part of the world......... so I made it into a quickpage!!!! Thanks June for your wonderfull stuff!!!! Let me know if you like it and show me your creations!!!!!

You can download this here

Thursday, November 8, 2007

I´m in SDK newsletter!

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I made it into the SDK newsletter again for the second time!!!!!!! How great is that, I feel so honoured!!!!!!! Take a look here: (they have some great free kits as well). And I´m loving this new blog I discovered: it has some free commercial use stuff as well!!!!! Also I loved the freebie they give out to the subscribers of On Digital Scrapbooking Day I participated in some challenges at June´s blog and got some nice goodies to play with!!!!! I combined one of the challenges with the digitalfreebies weekly challenge. I made the page for my friend, she showed me some of her pictures and I just had to have them to scrap with, there´s a bunch of them so more LO´s coming up!!!!! I just love to scrap for friends, it makes such great presents!!!!
Credits: Strawberryfield add on by Danielle Engebretson at
Template: Cen´s Stuff at

Also I made another page with Cen´s Stuff, New Baby Boy Kit, available at SDK here. It took me ages to get this finished, because there are so many pics in it, and my computer did not want to work along, but I managed to keep it 12x12 inches as I did not want it sized down.....
Alpha: In stitches white by Betsy Tuma, available at and/or"
Multi-photo-frame & wordart: Time Flies Template Brandy O´Neal :
Kit: New Baby Boy papers & Elements kit by June Schutrups Cen´s Stuff at SDK

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Wanna have this QP? And I posted my 50th LO!!!!

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Happy Digi Scrappin´Day!!!!!!!!! I just posted my 50th LO at my Digital Freebies Gallery!!!!! There´s lots going on today!!!!!!! Just take a look at this quickpage, do you like it? Keep on reading to see how you can get this goodie!!!!!!

I made this quickpage with another great kit of Cens´Stuff available at SDK. (There´s a freebie of this kit on her blog as well!). I just made a page using some pictures I had of my friends daughter. (Seen the fact a picture of my little boy would not fit very well in this LO…..hahahahaha!!!!!) Isn´t she cute? She´s about the same age as my son, I´ve known my friend Corien since we were about 4 years old, and she lived just right across the street. And now I live in Brazil, and of all my old friends she´s still the one who lives the closets by as she and her husband, and 2 daughter work as missionaries at the Netherlands Antilles (Curação)!!!!!How funny is that? You can get this quickpage participating in the challenge for Digital Scrapbooking Day at Cens blog here. Keep an eye on her blog as she´s posting 6 challenges througout the day and you can win great freebies!
This page I made for my best friend Marga. She´s a single mom of this gorgeous boy called Munda. The pics were taken on her brothers wedding.

1. Kit: Vintage Dreams Retro by Michelle Coleman of Little Dreamer Designs :
2. Frames:Family Love by Sliva:
3. Font: Hawaiian Killer

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

LO record!!!!

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Can´t believe it how many LO´s I did this week, I guess it´s because I´m Home Alone this week, as my husband is travelling with some people of the base to do evangelism at a huge catholic event, about 10 hours drive from here. So I had to distract myself a bit............ Take a look at what I´ve done: (I´m almost getting to my 50th LO) I have 48 so far in my digitalfreebies gallery.

These pictures were taken on a beautiful Sunday afternoon when my husband wanted to take a look at a second hand car´s show, (we really need another car, ours is getting too small and old…) and I decided to come along, it was on the parkingplace of the shoppingmall, so afterwards we had some great time walking through the shopping and to stop by SubWay to eat a great sandwich, we really had some great quality-family time!!!!
1. Template: Simply Sarah Layered Template 8
2. Kit: Tout Simplement by Petit Moineaux:
3. Alpha: Embossed Gold Foil from
4. Font: Bradley Hand ITC

These pictures were taken when my son had his first lollipop!!!! I have to admit that I ate the biggest part myself……
1. JillDZine My favourite Boy Quickpage
2. Font: KidTypeRuled from

I made a card for my husband before he travelled for a couple of days with our most recent familypicture and I liked it so much I also made one with a calendar to send to my friends and family at the end of the year: Both are cardsize so 4x6 inches.
1. Template: Di Hickman store:
2. Paper: Scrapgirls SNU_SSPaper_Melange_PaperSpecial at
3. Flowers&Leaves: Shabby Princess Harvest Spice:
4. Frame: JulieO Family History 09: store:
5. Tag: Two Turtle Doves add-on from Dielle Designs at
6. Ribbon: Lemonaid Lucy Ribbons and shadows:
7. Calender:
8. Font: Hawaiian Killer & Bradley Hand ITC

Last but not least I worked on my 2008 calender, I am a big fan of Simply Sarah, she has so many great templates, I´m just loving the calender one, just check out her blog if you don´t know it yet. It´s here:

1. Template: Simply Sarah calendar template
2. Kit: Another Boho Love Affair by Retrodiva:

1. Kit: Be Neutral add-on by Eva Kipler
2. Photo-frames: Alive and Kicking
3. Template: Simply Sarah calendar template
This last one I already made before, just wanted to put it together with my other calenderpages....

1. Template: Simply Sarah calendar template
2. Kit: Jan Hosford´s Rustic Autumn add-on at

Be sure to take a look as well at June´s blog, she is offering a great freebie: a quickpage, a template AND a page-kit, how great is that? Also I was happily surprised to see a LO someone sent to her using my little dude quickpage freebie I posted last week! Also there´s some freebies on fellow CT member Nexa´s blog. Maybe I´ll get to post another freebie this week!!!!
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