Thursday, July 31, 2008

ADSD Collab Zoo spirit

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We´ve done it again!!! Another H-U-G-E collab, this time with a zoo theme. You´ll be busy the whole weekend visiting blogs, downloading all the parts and admiring all the great stuff there is!!! It´s been so much fun making it!!!! I was only gonna make a little bit this time, but as most of the group I just couldn´t stop!!! I´ve got 5 downloads for you! Just take a look at my parts:


(woops just noticed a spelling error in uppercase....)

Download Snake Alpha here

Here are the other parts I made, only I´m not able to upload them now as my computer broke donw, and where I´m now I won´t have the time or resources to upload, so please please please don´t forget about me, hopefully by next week I have my things uploade and you can grab the other parts!!!!

sweetasmel_zoospirit_previewelements sweetasmel_zoospirit_previewpapers

Here are the links of the blogs of the other participants. Remember, as we´re all in diferent time-zones, one or two might not be up yet, just be patient and try again later. Don´t worry, no hurry, links will be up for at least the whole month of August!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

CD-forum is open & freebies!!!!

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The creative Dreams forum is open!!! Go check it out for some great challenges and postingprizes. (Creative Dreams banner is linked to portal). There´s a templatechallenge, a colourchallenge but I want to encourage you to participate in the 1-2-3 challenge as I´m hosting it, for the very first time so I could use some support of you guys!!!!!!! Also you can snag this mini-kit I made for the colourchallenge! (image is linked)


Hypermommmy (designs by crazy diamond) gave me this award!!! Thanks!!!!!!


Now I have to nominate 7 more blogs, and leave some love on their blogs ofcourse!!!!! Now that was a tricky one, as I tagged people of the creative dreams CT, I had to stick with my own CT, but most of them already received it, but as there are so many great blogs and people out there I managed to come up with 7:

Last but not least another add-on for the JUMP ABC kit, nothing fancy, just a bunch of ricracs I made using bannerwomans script, 2 of each colour!!!!

sweetasmel_JUMP_ricrak prev

Download here

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I´m on the Dream Team!!!

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Yeah, I´m on another CT!!!! This time for Anne of Creative Dreams! Just look at what I did with some of her stuff. This kit is called Summer Sherbet, the colours are really bright, I especially like the puffy transparant orange arrow journalingblock, I used it a lot in my second LO! (paperpreview will take you to the store!)

folder folder

my 30th birthday party celebrating with friends, we had a chocolate fondue!!!!


credits: summer sherbet by creative dreams

Another page about me again, fellow CT member Rhonda challenged me to make a LO about the "6 keywords to describe me" tag I had on my blog, probably just getting back to me as I tagged her LOL!!!


credits: summer sherbet by creative dreams, stitch by flergs/ellielash about a boy

This other kit is called Vintage Blush. I love the colours in this one! It has a lot of pretty elements as well. Not only for vintage LO´s, but could very well be used for boys or girls!!! (previews will take you to the store!)

folder folder

Another picture taken on my birthdayparty!friends

credits: vintage blush by creative dreams


I even made it into a quickpage! And you can win this!!! Soon the forum of creative dreams will be opening and you will be able to get some really nice goodies. This QP will be the reward of a numbers challenge, we´ll have a templatechallenge, a colourchallenge. Also there will be designer´s challenges. But I´ll give you all a note when the festivities start!!!!! But you can already take a look around at the site, the shop has some really good stuff, some freebies (even CU freebies!!!), I especially like the designer´s resources!

Did you all like the CT collab? An what about the Backyard Playground collab? I´m really loving the adsd group, I´m learning a lot, and we have some great challenges. Last one was an alpha challenge. I didn´t know it was such a hard job. So I just made a really simple one in the JUMP colours! Hope it will useful to you!


Download here

Saturday, July 5, 2008

JUNE CT collab freebie

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hey hey another collab kit of our wonderful CT team!!!!! We girls have been busy again! So here´s my part, be sure to check the others as well!!!! Get the links in my earlier blogpost or in the left sidebar.

I made this quickpage with the kit and you can download it on June´s blog: Give her some love for organising this, for encouraging us, etc. She´s the loveliest person and could very well use some good old lovin´!!!!

The download actually has 2 quickpages, one you can dress up with other elements from this collab or your own!!!!

Download kit here:
Oh and I got tagged by June!!!! As she already tagged the available tag-able person of the CT, decided to tag some people of a new team I´m on (more on that later!) So here are 6 words to describe me:
1. christian: the basis of my being, defining who I am what I do etc
2 creative: not only scrapping but give me some paper, glue and scissors and I´m happy!!!
3. quiet: I´m definitely no loud
4. sweet: well it´s in the name!
5. observer: probably has to do with the quiet part
6. mom, friend, wife: diferent ´roles´ I take very seriously
I´m tagging (sorry gals, you may slam for this, but hey, give me a chance to get to know you!!!! I picked quite randomly, Anne first onbiously, my name-mates ofcourse, and than who-ever came up first on the forum, oh yes, if you do want to come and slam me you can do it personally, just will have to come all the way to brazil to do that so I feel pretty save teehee!!!!!)
1. Anne: I love her work, her creating atitude, she seems like a lovely perosn and can´t wait to get to know her more!
2. Melanie Morales: I love her messages in the adsd-group, she´s very talented & intelligent!!!! (love her name also heehee)
3. Melanie: another Melanie!!!! she´s mom of twins, wow, only one ds gives me work enough!!!
4. Nicky aka Senovia: this girl lives in alaska, how interesting is that !!?? I love the hand-paintings she did of her family, they´re on the blog, great idea!!!!
5. rachael: she´s hosting a colourchallenge at creative dreams, I loved it and already finished mine!!!
6. Rhonda: also part of the dream team, she has a really cool blog!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ready for some bloghopping???

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Oké, let´s get ready for some good old bloghopping!!!!! Last month I joined the wonderful yahoogroup: Aspiring Digiscrap Designers. It´s a great learning plave with many tuts, CUfreebie links, and just a lot of helpful info for people who are starting in digiscrap designing. They did a huge collab last month, posicle paradise. And everyone is so enthusiastic that even though this month´s collab is not even up yet, we´ve already voted on the theme and colourscheme for the next one!!!!! In this months collab there over 40(!!!!!!!!!) people collaborating, so if you want to grab all the parts, get ready for it!!!! (only my part consists out of 3 downloads, and I think some have even more!). All the links to the other parts are at the bottom of this post. The links will be up for the whole month of July though, so don´t worry if you´re not on high-speed!!!! We voted on more of a boy-theme, and came up with the tile: BACKYARD PLAYGROUND (but it will be prefect for outside playing girls as well!) Mine has 4 plain textures papers, and 6 patterned, the texture on all of the papers is jeansfabric. Also I did some extractions of my son´s toys! Well, just go ahead with it, let me know what you like, what I can improve, and show us what you make!!!! So grab my part here, leave some love, and hop over to the other parts! Oh and a special thank you to Debbie (Beckmoore´s scrapalittle) who made this qp out of my contribution, ofcourse I used it right away!

you can get this quickpage on her blog here:

The FUN word I added myself, it´s donw here and you can just download it by right clicking, save as..... terms of use are the same as in the other parts!

And also Heather found some time to make a quickpage out of my part, look what I did with it:

Grab it at her blog here (she has about 15 downloads for you!!!!)

So here are my parts, make sure you grab them all!

part 3 elements

Please remember, as we are all in diferent time-zones, some links may not be up yet, so you can try a bit later. Any problem please let us know! Remember, links will be up for at least one month! Happy scrapping!!!! (Don´t get confused, there are 2 more Melanies participating heehee!)

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