Thursday, November 22, 2007

Back again with 3 LO´s

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Hello!!!! I´m back again after a busy week of travelling, we drove over 600 kms. in 6 days with a 17 month old!!!!! That was certainly well worth a lot of pictures!!!!!!! I have so many pictures to scrap I´ll have to use some multi-photo templates!!!!!! Last week I was the chosen one to be scraplifted at and everybody did such a great job!!! I love that challenge! I finished 3 LO´s for 3 template challenges and the friday freebie challenge (I like to combine some challenges to make it more challenging!!!!!) I discovered some great challenges with great prizes at, many people of digitalfreebies over there as well ofcourse!!! So here they are:

These pictures show his grandmother of 82 years old who still washes clothes by hand, cleans the floor on her knees and also takes care of her granddaughter of 16, my husbands cousin. She was so happy to see us and meet her great-grandchild, and we were very grateful for this oportunity!

Made for the second half of the Double trouble Sketch challenge at digitalfreebies
· Kit: Thankful Heart, kit for newsletter subscribers of
· Template by Eva Kipler for the second half of the November Template challenge at
· Font: Lucida Calligraphy

Also we visited some of his aunts and cousins together with his mom. they hadn´t seen each other in 6 years, they literraly live in the middel of nowhere, surrounded by mountains, their life is reflected on their faces, they immediately feel in love with our son (who wouldn´t??), and we were impressed by the hard working people that they are.

Made for the first half of the Double trouble Sketch challenge at digitalfreebies
· Kit: Harvest spice by Shabby Princess at
· Summerpicnic Alpha by Retrodiva,
· Template by Eva Kipler for the first half of template Challenge of November w /
· Font: Lucida Calligraphy
This picture we took with friends, we hadn´t seen her for years, and hadn´t even met her husband yet, they were celebrating his birthday in a great Chinese restaurant.

Made for the templatechallenge of the second half of November at Retrodiva, and for the fridayfreebie challenge at digitalfreebies
· Template by Connie B part of the challenge for the second half of November at
· Kit: Melanie Chenoweth´s Chocoberry Cream Friday Freebie and the read paper was part of a bonus of the same kit for participating in Maria´s weekly challenge at
· Stitching: Liz Hutchison of Sweet Digi Scraps´ “ What Boys are made of” at
· Diamond Swirls Ruby by Flergs:
· Font: rickles and hawaiian killer from

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